How We Work

  • The IgnitionDeck System

    Our ever-growing team is 100% remote, spans three contintents, and serves the entire world. Click the planets to get an inside look at how we operate.

    • Founders

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    In October of 2011, Nathan & Shawn built and launched IgnitionDeck with the goal of helping entrepreneurs break free from the middle man and raise money on their own terms.

    • Operations

    The Operations team oversees all product, client, and service relationships, ensuring that deadlines are met, and that all team members are on the same page.

    • Development

    The development team is tasked with the management and development of our IgnitionDeck plugin and theme suites, a task that requires them to be flexible, level-headed, and prolific.

    • Design

    The design team is charged with the duty of ensuring our products look great, are easy to use, and create a positive user experience.

    • Support

    The lifeblood of our team, our support department lives, eats, and breaths our product line in order to ensure that all customers are happy, and that all bugs are reported and squashed.

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our culture


Mission Driven

We Build Tools for Entrepreneurs. This is a mission we live and breathe every day, made possible because every single member of our team is an entrepreneur first.


Boundless Passion

Our work hard, play hard culture affects everything we do, and brings relentless drive, energy, and passion to every aspect of our lives, both on the clock and off.


Dedicated to the Craft

Our team is self-motivated and dedicated to becoming the best at what they do. Because of this, coming to work is not just exciting, but a chance to learn something new.


Breaking the Limits

We believe that every obstacle is an opportunity for innovation and growth, and that philosophy manifests itself both in our attitudes, and in our product.