IgnitionDeck Stretch Goals Extension

IgnitionDeck Stretch Goals Extension

Click play demo to see how stretch goals unlock as the previous goal has been met. Change deck to see different examples of how the content can be themed.

The IgnitionDeck stretch goals extension is a IgnitionDeck extension, available in the extension marketplace.

Stretch Goals Are Really Easy To Implement$20,000.00
The IgnitionDeck Stretch Goals Extension allows for an amazing addition to any campaign.

Simply add each goal in the Project Admin, and it will unlock when the goal prior to it has reached 100%.
Stretch Goals Unlock Automatically $30,000.00
You can use standard HTML in the Stretch Goal description field, and reveal a video, an image, or anything else to help describe what happens when this stretch goal is hit.

With Stretch Goals, you can get your audience excited about new and exciting additions to your already awesome campaign.
Stretch Goals Use the Deck Skins $40,000.00
The Stretch Goals use the already included Deck Skins, allowing your Stretch Goals to fit the design of your campaign.

Easily change Deck Skins in the IgnitonDeck Admin.

Pledged of $10,000 Goal
Days left

The IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding Stretch Goals Extension. Easily add Stretch Goals to any project, anytime!
Hit Stretch Goal: $100.00
Simple sample level price to display how Stretch Goals work in unison with the IgnitionDeck Wordpress Crowdfunding Plugin.