How to Migrate Beta Deck Designs

When we decided to redesign the IgnitionDeck Skins, we knew there was the possibility some users would be in the middle of a campaign and wouldn’t want to upgrade for fear of changing or losing their designs. We also know that some of you may prefer the old look to the new look, and that’s fine too.

For these reasons, we wanted to share how you can migrate the beta deck designs to versions 1.2+ of IgnitionDeck.

First, you can download the old skins here, or on our resources page under the heading of ‘Original IgnitionDeck Skins‘.

From there, you can install them as you would any other IgnitionDeck skin. We’ve provided a detailed walkthrough for installing skins here.

The old skins follow the standard IgnitionDeck Skin naming convention:

  • ignitiondeck-defaultold.css
  • ignitiondeck-cleanold.css
  • ignitiondeck-skyscraperold.css
  • ignitiondeck-corporateold.css

Though this will restore the look and feel of our pre-1.2 skins, some elements may be slightly adjusted, such as text centering. This can easily be modified via CSS should you wish to do so.