Introduction to Child Themes

A New Way to Theme

WordPress child themes offer a revamped approach to the traditional method of building WordPress themes. Rather than have to build a theme from scratch, you can simply build your own modifications for an already existing theme or framework.

Many of those most popular theme frameworks, Genesis, Headway, Thesis, and WooThemes, ship with child theme support built in. The same is true for the IgnitionDeck crowdfunding theme framework, Theme 500.

Components of a Child Theme

Creation of a child theme requires only a single style.css file and a screenshot, but can include a variety of other components, such as functions.php, an image folder, or additional template parts. The beauty of child theming is that you can import as much or as little of the master framework as you wish, and overwrite individual components without altering the rest of the theme. Using the CSS import property, you can even include the original css, making it even easier to modify small pieces of the master framework.

Building IgnitionDeck or Theme 500 Child Themes

Building child themes for IgnitionDeck’s crowdfunding theme frameworks is very straight forward.┬áStart by downloading the Theme 500 WordPress crowdfunding framework, and then follow this guide to building IgnitionDeck child themes.


WordPress 2.7+ and a theme or theme framework that supports child themes. IgnitionDeck’s Theme 500, a free WordPress crowdfunding framework, supports child themes.