IgnitionDeck Documentation


In the wake of our recent purchase of GIG theme from Creativ, we’ve created this FAQ to address several common concerns of customers.

Q: Why was GIG removed from ThemeForest?

A: ThemeForest is dealing with technical limitations as it relates to property transfers, and as a result, the theme can not be transferred from one owner to another.

Q: Will GIG be available on ThemeForest again?

A: Unfortunately, GIG will not be available on ThemeForest again.  We feel we can offer a better experience by selling and supporting GIG via our in-house sales and support channels.

Q: If I already bought GIG from ThemeForest, do I need to repurchase it?

A: No. ThemeForest customers can send an email to hello at virtuousgiant dot com with their GIG receipt. Once verified, we will manually add the product to your account. If you do not have an IgnitionDeck account, please register for one here.

Q: How long will my transferred license be good for?

ThemeForest customers will be granted a lifetime license for the legacy version of the theme.  At some point in the future we will upgrade the theme and requests that all users purchase the new version if they wish to access it. New customers will be granted an annual license.

Q: Why wasn’t I informed via email about these acquisitions?

A: ThemeForest doesn’t share owner lists, and as a result, we do not have access to the personal contact information for anyone that owns the theme and so do not have any way to notify past owners of the changes.

Q: How will IgnitionDeck’s acquisition of GIG affect the future of the theme?

A: While a specific development roadmap for these products is yet to be determined, we’re going to fulling integrate the theme with IgnitionDeck Commerce (ID+M) and spend some time with the theme to find opportunities for improvement.

Q: As a GIG customer, what can I expect in the way of support from IgnitionDeck?

A: If you purchased via ThemeForest and verify via receipt, you will receive lifetime support for the duration of the theme’s existence on our support forums.