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    Scott Winterroth

    I am curious about this. Should I create a “Thank You” page and if so, how and where do I set the redirect to that page? Would that be in the Ignition Deck settings or in the PayPal settings.

    Also, My PayPal account has several online stores linked to it using Cart66 ecommerce plugin for WordPress. So I am wondering if I change the settings for ID will it affect my settings for my Cart66 stores?

    More concerned about the “Thank You” page than the Cart66 stuff for now.

    in reply to: About Project + Support This Project Issues #468

    Scott Winterroth

    I added the update for Hotfix 2 and it still does exactly the same thing.

    Also it now screws up the amount and anything that is set to display the $ sign, which now displays as: $

    See sidebar on this page:

    IWN Marketing and Communications Director
    Pledged of $795 Goal
    Days to go
    This will be funded on

    in reply to: Shortcodes #426

    Scott Winterroth

    Is there a way to get the shortcode for just the green “support this project” button?

    Also, although I know this color is green for Kickstarter success, etc. Is there a way I can make that button the color of the PayPal button?

    I feel it will increase the success rate if it already looks like a PayPal orange button since that color is widely known worldwide. In some countries that green may not play so well…Please advise, thanks.

    in reply to: More Questions… #378

    Scott Winterroth

    I prefer the “keep what you raise model” with PayPal’s global footprint as opposed to “all or nothing” any day!

    in reply to: More Questions… #247

    Scott Winterroth

    Your plugin works more like IndieGoGo “keep what your raise” than Kickstarter “all or nothing” is that a correct analogy?

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