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    Ok so i managed to get stuff to display under the footer widgets but still not working for the content or the content top sections.

    What im trying to do is set up a static page and I was wondering If you could create a doc showing all the settings you used on the venus demo so i can get an idea how to set my site up and then modify it to work for my needs.

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    ok Maybe im missing something but i have tried to use the 500 Content Wide (custom) widgets to add content and background images but they are not showing up on the site is there something im missing or is there a tutorial on how to make this work?

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    well i just had a few different questions

    first i was wondering if there was a guide to set up my site like in your demo as far as the layout goes?

    second i want to use Venus to presell memberships to a membership site does member deck features allow me to set up different membership levels or do i need a third party system for that and what would you recomend

    will the ignitiondeck integrate with buddypress

    thats it for now i know there will be more questions but thats it for now


    Please Excuse my delay in my response I was unable to do so due to medical reasons. I want to thank you for taking your customers into consideration on this matter and I am sure that you demonstrated that your customers mean a great deal to you to alot of people. I believe that by your willingness to stand behind your customers and products you will gain / retain subscriptions. I will be much more willing to renew now that I know this because even though you have a great product I know it will get better and I dont want to miss out on the new versions and features but it is nice to know that if I cant renew at the moment I expire i will still have a functioning product and the one i paid for. Please accept my gratitude for being a responsible company and standing behind your customers. I know I will be recommending your product to anyone I can.

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    Thanks for your update in dec. I have a High Interest in this theme and would ask that you keep us updated to the status of the theme thanks!


    Hi Nathan, Thanks for the quick reply! Are you able to see my personal email address? (If So Maybe you want to contact me there)

    First let me start this little rant with a praise! I think the Product is awesome ! I am a software developer myself and I understand what goes into the development of a project of this magnitude. I also understand what license terms are and the importance of them but, I am kinda at a loss here! and this is why; so after my post I went back and looked over your entire site. I followed any links I could and then I have waited to see your response here now fully armed with the knowledge I felt I needed to understand what you might say here. I would like to respond to that now.

    First, the only place on the entire site that it states anything about the one year license is on this page


    if you go down to the bottom in the questions and answers section.

    I would like you to go there if you could so that we are on the same page.

    And now here it is that you will see this statement :

    Will I need to renew, and if so, how much will it cost?
    You do not need to renew when your Support and Upgrades expire, but we recommend doing so in order to keep your product up to date, as WordPress updates can render a plugin non-functional.

    Will IgnitionDeck quit working if I don’t renew?
    While we cannot guarantee against conflicts caused by other plugins, we do not do anything to disable the plugin after your registration period expires.

    So in the documentation on your own site it clearly states that, and I quote “we do not do anything to disable the plugin after your registration period expires.”

    now that being said I would like to revisit your response for a moment.

    You Said “The features of the ID and ID+M packages will remain even after expiration, but IDE is a bit different because it is a much larger and more complex product. Should an IDE license expire, the features will default to those of ID+M.”

    My response to that would be that NO WHERE does it say that about IDE As a developer myself I do understand how licenses work and you never clearly stated anywhere that my product would revert to a way less expensive product.

    Now you said “We felt that this would be a more reasonable approach than charging a monthly fee or a higher initial price.”

    but that’s essentially what you have done I paid upfront in one payment what breaks down to $37.41 a month for the first 12 months and then you want me to pay an additional $22.91 per month for the rest of my life (as long as i want to use the product anyway)

    The truth of the matter is that had this been CLEARLY defined on your site ANYWHERE I would probably still have purchased the product because I believe in you and what you have created here. I stood behind the great product that was waiting to come out of IDE even before it did. The thing that kinda sucks here is that I spent the last year watching and waiting for the IDE product to get where it needed to be never really worried about deployment to a live site because i wanted it to be done right and I certainly felt no pressure to deploy from your license because it clearly states that you will do NOTHING to disable my product if the year expires. And I took this as my Product “IDE” would still be functional but if I wanted to continue to get support or updates I would need to renew. For you to say that my license will revert to a much cheaper version of the product if I don’t renew is NOT ok and I feel like I have no choice in the matter here also what happens to all my plugins I got most of them free with the purchase of my IDE so when you revert my license to a cheaper product I did not buy that does not come with the plugins I suppose you will be blocking access to those as well. The really messed up thing here is i never even got to activate the enterprise because I was waiting for the product to be right before I did and as I stated I had no idea you would be downgrading me to a much cheaper product.

    Now where do we go from here

    Well First I strongly suggest you make the corrections to your site to reflect your policy concerning what happens with IDE when a license expires, oh and to clarify NOWHERE does it state that the license is a Product “Use” license It States Very Clearly It Is A “Product Support and Upgrade License” Making the corrections will help you out in the future and it’s really just good business practices to be upfront with your customers.

    As Far as I am Concerned, I feel you need to stand behind your own words and honor what you said that my product would stay INTACT and that you would not Disable it in any way (that is what your site says) If you wanted to downgrade IDE to a standard version once the license expires that is your choice to do so as the developer but you need to make sure you let people know especially when people are paying a lot of money for your product(IDE) and you have not done that. Typically when a developer makes policy changes they grandfather in the customers prior to the change and as there was never any mention of IDE downgrading after license expire it must have been a policy change.

    I really hope you are a company that stands behind you product and your word, I am not asking you to give me a refund that is absurd I purchased your product and I have had access to it. I am not asking for an extended period of forum access or product upgrades after my license expires (if I let it expire) But I am Asking you to be a company that stands behind it’s products and its word. In today’s market we need more companies that do that! If you made a mistake and didn’t make it clear on the downgrade of IDE then own it make the corrections to your site and move forward but don’t step on the customers who made it possible for you to get where you are. The truth of the matter is that I as well as the rest of your customers will most likely have no issues with the policy and will renew for the support and upgrades because the product is a great product and we will always want the best version of it. But for you to just decide that the product is to complex and that if we don’t renew then we revert to a much cheaper product especially when we were paying for access to support and upgrades not the actual product Not to mention that your own site says the product will not be disabled. Think about that for a minute.

    I bought IDC when it didn’t work right when it had some major issues and its come very far since but I like many help to make that possible by standing behind you and having faith that you would get there and you did. We supported you and in your own words you say “IgnitionDeck Enterprise is the only professional grade crowdfunding platform for WordPress,
    and is backed by the best support team in the business.” Those of us that paid for IDE, we paid more for the features of IDE and It’s not right to take away what we paid extra for. If you do that then how is that fair customers who paid more for IDE loose those features but the customers who paid way less still get their full product after license expire. It’s just not right. I am sure you can see that!

    Please do the right thing here, Please stand behind your customers, Please treat your IDE customers with a higher standard as they have paid a great deal more and shown that they have stood behind you.

    This is in no way a demand for action It is simply a request, A Request for the services I and every other IDE customer Paid for.

    Be the good guys and do the right thing here.

    Thank you for your time to read this

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    Hi Can you answer a few questions for me please?

    1 Is the Solaris theme a dead project? (I only ask cause its been months and now i see the new theme for the preorder system nice theme by the way)

    2 Will It still be free for enterprise level members? ( i was told that it would be by one of the staff)

    3 If its not a dead project then can you give any kind of firm ish release date (like i said its been 7 months)


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    Ok great thanks for the information i do remember seeing somewhere or someone from your team telling me it would be free for IDE members so i was just checking on the status thanks again

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    Great ok not to beat a dead horse and i wont hold you to anything but any idea roughly how long (2 weeks , 2 months?) and will it still be available to IDE members for free?


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    Hi just wondering if any progress has been made on this theme it’s been a little while and i was just curious thanks!

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    wow well can someone at least tell me if the maximus theme has a grid or multi campaign layout?

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    Hi Shawn, Any update on when this theme will be released?


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    I see and im assuming themes are not extensions so no themes lol

    any idea when the solaris theme is going to be released and will i have access to it?

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    No I do not have that option would you mind checking into this for me please.

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    ok so i tried to get the maximus theme but it keeps asking me to pay for it so please help me figure this out thanks

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    Thanks for the update on the post However i don’t get the credit to show when i click to purchase it gives me 2 options either pay with paypal or pay with credit card. am i doing something wrong? also i haven’t actually installed and activated the enterprise version yet. if that makes a difference.

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    oh and is there a preview of the Solaris theme somewhere

    Thanks for the quick response on my question about what it comes with.

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    ok so how do i access the free credit?

    ok so does maximus come with the package or not i am confused

    i bought enterprise and i cant even get access to some of the forums it says i have to be a member what’s going on

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    Thanks for all your help if you need to refer any one to me that is having rockettheme problems i will deff try to help them out also i will disable the login i made for you for the time being iff i have anymore questions ill post the thanks again.

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    Ok so here is the update

    Rockettheme was going to be no help because my suscription was over a while ago so i decided befor i give up on the template that i would look in to this my self the old trial and error way Yes Tedious I Know

    I made a page and placed it in the menu then i edited the page contnet and holy crap it worked it displayed the shortcode like it was supposed to but the side bar was still there and it didn’t look right so I started messing around with the template and figured out how to put a page template together with the sidebar off( this sucked trying to figure this out as there is no docs on the subject any where) but i got that to work finally

    I then went back to the page i had created it looked right ( i still need to figure out how to customize the deck look)

    I was so very happy till i clicked on the link for the project name on the deck and bam right back to pissed off my life sucks land cause the project page didn’t show anything it was blank

    so I set out to now figure out why this was happening still I changed some settings in the template that deal with page and post display and finally got it to where i could type text and have it display on the project page.

    I then added the short code to the project page and now expecting to see the project show up clicked view project and alot of heavy cussing and yelling at the computer followed because there was my test text but nothing else.

    Just when I was About to go out and get a tattoo that says I Hate My Life I tried one last thing ( I have No Idea Why I Tried This But Hey) On The Project Page I clicked the text tab next to the visual tab i then placed the shortcode there and the clicked the visual tab and typed some text to see if it showed up and….. salvation my sanity was saved it appears to be working now

    I would still like you to take a look to see if things could be setup a little different or better and i could use some info on how to change the style of the deck maybe even how to build a custom skin ( i cant remember where i saw that) i also need to know how to change the info on the deck like the layout and how to add a logo or a pic to it.

    any whay please let me know your thoughts on all this and your opnions aswell thanks oh and let me know when i should disable the admin log in after you check it out thanks

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    also i logged out so no conflicts or anything ill watch this post so please let me know here or thru email when you are done and i appriceate your assistanc and any help you can give in this matter thanks

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    Sure give me a sec and ill email it to you

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    Can Someone at least explain where the Ignitiondeck project widget goes?

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