IgnitionDeck Documentation

Image and Video Dimensions

Theme 500 includes an image size generated automatically, to be perfectly sized for the main content area of a project page and other posts/pages with a sidebar.

Inserting an image into a post/page/project

You can utilize the Size selection when inserting an image via the WordPress Add Media option. In there, you’ll see a ‘Size’ field with a dropdown, in that dropdown is a size called ‘Project Page Full Width’. This is an image size created automatically when you upload new images via WordPress. This is sized exactly to the width of the project content area.

The Image Sizes Created By Theme 500

We have a few image sizes created automatically by Theme 500. They are:

  • projectpage-large – For Project Pages with Unlimited Height allowed, and always sized to 640px width.
  • single-thumb – For Posts with a featured Image, on the Blog Posts list page (cropped to exactly 700px wide by 105px high)
  • fivehundred_featured – this is used for the 500 Featured Project (currently in Classic) and also used on the Project Summaries in the Project Grids.

Video Dimensions

The video dimensions for the video container on a project are 640px wide and 380px high.