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500 Content Widgets

Notice: as of the newest changes to widgets with WP 5.8, please install the Classic Widget plugin if you prefer to use the widgets in their original form. Otherwise, the widgets are available in the new widget block editor under “Legacy Widgets”

The Theme 500 Framework comes with several Widgets that make it easy to display various pieces of IgnitionDeck functionality or custom content in different areas of your crowdfunding site. Once you have installed the Theme 500 Framework, and you have installed and activated either one of our premium 500 child themes, or created and activated your own, you can begin to take advantage of 500’s powerful bundled Widgets.

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress Dashboard. Here you can drag your available widgets from the left side of your screen and drop them into your theme’s “widget areas.”

If you are new to Widgets in WordPress and need some help on how they work, please see wordpress.org’s documentation on the Appearance > Widgets Screen.



Using the Theme 500 Widgets, you are no longer limited to a single content editing screen or a single predetermined layout. Instead, you are free to easily create a beautiful and unique home page. Each block of content can have its own layout and its own text styling and background image.

A great example of the Theme 500 Content Widgets in action is the home page of our Theme 500 Enterprise demo site. On this page, the areas above and below the Project Grid are populated with custom content consisting of a combination of images and text.  All of this content was created using the 500 Content Widgets.

The 500 Content Widgets

  • 500 Content: Fully customizable 500 Content Widget. Add images and background images, control text and background color, and more.
  • 500 Content Alert Widget: Background image with headline overlay
  • 500 Content Level: A widget to display full descriptions of your Reward Levels. Note: at this time the Level Widget does not automatically populate with data from your crowdfunding project(s).
  • 500 Content Wide: A full-width content area for your home page, with an automatic style based on your Color Customization preferences.
  • 500 Content Wide (custom): A full browser-width content area. Fully customizable. Add images and background images, control text and background color, and more.
  • 500 Video Widget: Use this to embed a video on your home page


docs_500Framework_500ContentWideCustomAn Example:

The image shown here is an example of how we used the 500 Content Wide Widget above our main page’s Project Grid to create a beautiful banner area with custom images and text styling.

We placed this in our Widget Area called Home Top Content Widgets, which appears above the Featured Project or Project Grid on the Home Page.

Widget height, images, text-color, copy,  and padding are all set easily within the widget.

The text area of the 500 Content Widgets support all the same HTML that WordPress posts/pages do.

NOTE: The 500 Content Widgets do not support Shortcodes with their text areas, since Shortcodes must be executed within the WordPress Loop (inside an actual post, page, or project).

The Result: