IgnitionDeck Documentation

Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout is a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant payment portal hosted by Stripe. This module is an alternative to the Stripe gateway found in IDC » Gateways for crowdfunding platforms operating in regions that require 2-step verification on credit card payments.

To enable the Stripe Checkout, navigate to IgnitionDeck » Modules and click the Activate button.

IMPORTANT: If the site is currently using the default Stripe gateway located in IDC » Gateways, this must be disabled BEFORE enabling the module otherwise a conflict will result. Likewise, the Stripe Express module (IgnitionDeck » Modules) should also be deactivated as it is incompatible with the Stripe Checkout gateway.

Setting up Stripe Checkout

  1. Enable the module under IgnitionDeck » Modules
  2. Enter the Stripe Publishable and Secret keys in IDC » Stripe Checkout and save settings.

Other settings

  • The currency for the gateway is populated using the currency menu under IDC » Gateways for Stripe.
  • Test mode and HTTPS are set under IDC » Gateways
  • Webhooks for subscription/recurring payments remain the same if these were set up in the Stripe account before changing to Stripe Checkout.
    • For new installations using Stripe Checkout, go to the Developer » Webhooks tab in the Stripe dashboard and click on + Add Endpoint.
    • Select the Account option.
    • Enter the URL: http://yoursite.com/?memberdeck_notify=stripe

Important notes about Stripe Checkout module

  • The Stripe Checkout module does support immediate capture, 100% threshold, and subscription/recurring payments.
  • The Stripe Checkout module does not support Stripe Connect. All payments will be directed to the site admin’s Stripe account.
  • The Stripe Checkout module does not support crowdfunding fees as this requires Stripe Connect.
  • If there are pending pre-authorization charges / all-or-nothing projects underway, those transactions must be captured before changing the gateway to Stripe Checkout otherwise the transactions will fail. Pre-authorization tokens are specific to the gateway that issued them and are not transferable between the regular Stripe gateway and Stripe Checkout, and vice versa.