IgnitionDeck Documentation

Activate The IgnitionDeck License Keys

NOTE: A license key is only required for the IgnitionDeck plugins. No license key is required for any of the themes or modules.

Enter your IgnitionDeck License Key to unlock IgnitionDeck’s premium features

1. Copy your license key from your IgnitionDeck Dashboard.


Note: If you do not see the Key icon beside the other icons in your IgnitionDeck Dashboard, log out and and log back in to refresh your IgnitionDeck Dashboard.

2. Enter your license keys in the main IDCF Settings screen

  1. Enter the IDCF or IDE key in the IDCF License Key field
  2. Enter the IDC key in the IDC License Key field
  3. Click on the Validate button to save your keys.


Provided your license keys are valid and have not expired, your paid IgnitionDeck features will now be unlocked and you will be able to use IgnitionDeck automatic updates.