IgnitionDeck Documentation

IgnitionDeck Plugin (Framework)

All IgnitionDeck plugins require that the IgnitionDeck Framework is installed, activated, and registered in order to work properly.

The IgnitionDeck Plugin (IgnitionDeck Framework), available for free from the WordPress Plugin Repository, is the backbone of all IgnitionDeck crowdfunding and e-commerce products. This free plugin manages your required IgnitionDeck registration license and acts as a software installer for some important components.

There are four main variations of IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding:

  1. IgnitionDeck (free)
  2. IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (legacy – deprecated)
  3. IgnitionDeck Echelon
  4. IgnitionDeck Enterprise

In addition, some IgnitionDeck customers use IgnitionDeck Commerce (standalone) to sell digital goods without any crowdfunding functionality at all.

All of these scenarios require that you install, activate, and register the IgnitionDeck Plugin. The registration process will also automatically run the IgnitionDeck updater. This will install a second plugin called IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding, which is mandatory for all IgnitionDeck-powered crowdfunding sites.

Running the IgnitionDeck updater for the first time will also install the free Theme 500 Framework. This is a “parent theme,” designed to make it easy for you to either install and activate one of our premium 500 child themes, or create your own.

NOTE: IgnitionDeck Basic (free version) requires the free Theme 500 Framework in order to function properly.

See the following documents for detailed instructions on how to: