IgnitionDeck Documentation

IgnitionDeck Enterprise Dashboard

IgnitionDeck Enterprise makes full use of the IgnitionDeck Commerce dashboard functionality, for your websites pledgers as well as your websites project creators.

Below is a run down of the items that are added to the Dashboard upon activation of IgnitionDeck Enterprise and specific features.

Payment Settings

Screenshot 2013-11-29 14.19.09

The Payment Settings tab will appear in the Dashboard Menu if you’ve activated either Paypal for Creators, or Stripe Connect on the IgnitionDeck Commerce Gateways admin screen.

A project creator can then save their desired payment settings from this screen, depending on if you offer one or both gateways on your website.


My Projects

Screenshot 2013-11-29 14.18.56

The My Projects Tab appears to your website’s members, once an administrator has assigned Project Submission Priveldges in IgnitionDeck Commerce’s main screen: IDC > General.  To learn more about these priveledges, see our documentation on setting creator permissions.

From the My Projects tab, your members can create and manage their project(s).

Upon clicking Create Project, they will be taken to the Front-End Submission form, where they can enter all their projects pertinent information and submit it for your review.