IgnitionDeck Documentation

IgnitionDeck Enterprise (IDE)

IgnitionDeck Enterprise is a premium white label crowdfunding platform for WordPress that makes use of the popular IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding and IgnitionDeck Commerce plugins.

The pages in this area of our documentation are for features only available to IgnitionDeck Enterprise customers. But in order to successfully set up IgnitionDeck Enterprise, it is absolutely necessary to consult the documentation for its component parts, IgnitionDeck Framework, IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding, and IgnitionDeck Commerce.

1. Install WordPress on a server that meets IgnitionDeck’s Requirements.  See the documentation at WordPress.org for help with this.

2. Download, install, and activate the plugins: IgnitionDeck Framework, Ignitiondeck Crowdfunding, and IgnitionDeck Commerce.  They can be found via your member dashboard

3. Register your copy of IgnitionDeck by entering your IgnitionDeck Enterprise license key, found on your member dashboard, in the main IgnitionDeck settings screen. If you were previously using a non-Enterprise version of IgnitionDeck, replace your standard IgnitionDeck license key with your IgnitionDeck Enterprise license key.

4. Save your Permalink Settings in Settings > Permalinks in your WordPress Dashboard. We recommend using the /%postname%/ format for Permalinks.  IgnitionDeck Enterprise will not function properly if a permalink format has not been set.

5. Select IgnitionDeck Commerce as your commerce platform under IgnitionDeck > Commerce Platform settings.

This will enable front-end submission and the ability to manage project submission privileges. It will also allow you to remove the ‘powered by IgnitionDeck’ text on the embedded widget.

6. Set Project Submission Privileges inside the IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) settings screen.The Project Submissions Privileges setting controls which users can create crowdfunding campaigns.



7. Choose your payment gateway(s), and enable your gateway(s) for front-end submission.

You can enable gateways on a per-gateway basis. Check the ‘enable’ box to enable the gateway(s) you wish to use.

If you enable a gateway for front-end submission, via the second checkbox for each each gateway, project creators will be able to use that gateway when they submit their projects. This also allows you to charge a crowdfunding fee if you are using Stripe (Stripe Connect) and/or Balanced (Balanced Marketplaces).




8. Add IDC Account Links for Login, Registration, and Create Project to your site
If you are using one of our 500 Framework themes, this process is simpler. See below.




Automatic Method:

If you’re not using one of our 500 Framework themes, you need to add IDC Account Links to your site’s navigation menu.
To do this automatically, use the tool we’ve included in Appearance > Customize > IDC Account Links. (See image to the right)

This will automatically add the IDC Account Links to your navigation menu. Just check the box for any menu you want them added to.

Manual Method:

If you would like to manually add IDC Account Links anywhere on your site, they are as follows:

  • Login/Dashboard. Link to: http://yoursite.com/dashboard/
  • Create Account. Link to: http://yoursite.com/dashboard/?action=register
  • Create Project. Link to: http://yoursite.com/dashboard/?create_project=1

500 Framework Method:

If you’re using one of our 500 Framework Themes, simply set a custom menu to the ‘Main Menu’ menu location in Appearance > Menus > Menu Locations.  Create Account and Login buttons will be placed on the right of your menu. When a user is logged into your site, the  two buttons are replaced by a single ‘My Account’ button, which goes directly to the Member Dashboard.