IgnitionDeck Documentation

Project Settings Screen

From this screen, you have the ability to set the following options:

Default Purchase Page

This option is only necessary when using a non-IgnitionDeck theme. To ensure that your checkout page works properly, create and publish a page using a full-width template, if possible, then assign the page as the Default Purchase Page.  You may title the page whatever you want.

NOTE: If you are using the Theme 500 Framework or a 500 child theme, there’s no need to manually create a purchase/checkout page. The 500 Framework automatically creates a purchase form.

Non-ID themes

If you are using a non-IgnitionDeck theme with the free or Echelon version of IgnitionDeck, it’s important that you check the box next to Automatically insert project template so that the project content will be displayed on project pages automatically. Otherwise, each project will require a shortcode in order to display.

Do not select the “Automatically insert project template” if using an IgnitionDeck theme, a child of an IgnitionDeck theme, or the Backer theme by Krown Themes.