IgnitionDeck Documentation

IDCF Orders

This screen is used specifically for the management of crowdfunding orders, which may or may not be included in the IgnitionDeck Commerce orders menu. Orders added, edited, or deleted here may also need to be modified separately from the IDC->Orders screen.

Manually Adding Orders

You may manually add an order using the ‘Add Order’ button near the top of the screen.  Enter the appropriate information, and select the project type that fits your need. This will not charge their Paypal (or other gateway) account, and will simply update the database and Deck with the additional information. Use this if you process an order outside of the IgnitionDeck system such as money orders or checks.

Altering Existing Orders

You may edit an existing order placed on the site.  Locate the order in question and click on Edit.  You can change the customer’s information, project supported, and amount of the pledge.  Save your changes.  Please note that altering an order here will only reflect the changes on the front end display of the project; changes here will not alter the financial transaction itself.

Deleting Orders

You may delete orders from here using the ‘Delete’ option.  Deleting an order will remove the entry from the database, causing the project stats to adjust as necessary, specially in the front-end display. Do note however, deleting an order will not refund the order.

Refunding an Order

Refunds must be performed via the payment gateway’s interface.