IgnitionDeck Documentation

Setup IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding

Once you have installed IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (IDCF), you will see one additional WordPress menu and at least three additional submenus under the IgnitionDeck main menu.

  1. Projects – Menu
  2. Project Settings – Submenu
  3. Deck Builder – Submenu
  4. IDCF Orders – Submenu

Projects Menu

The Projects menu is where you can view existing projects and add new projects, including descriptions, prices, images, and campaign dates. You may also use this interface to add project categories and the “Featured” project type in order to display the staff-picks ribbon in certain themes.


To add your first project click the Projects link to expand the menu, then click ‘Add New Project.’ You should see a screen very similar to the default WordPress ‘Add New Post’ screen, with the addition of several IDCF options.

Crowdfunding Setup

Prior to pushing your project’s live, you’ll need to configure your IDCF installation using the following menus. These menus are available via the WordPress sidebar, and often appear near the bottom.