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How to Install IgnitionDeck Skins

IgnitionDeck Skins


With the introduction of IgnitionDeck Beta 5.8, we introduced a new skin installer that allows you to create, purchase, or sell custom IgnitionDeck skins. This is a great feature that allows you to more closely integrate IgnitionDeck’s design with that of your theme in order to create the most professional appearance possible. ¬†Skins are intended for use with non-IgnitionDeck themes and are used to easily style the project appearance to that of your own them.

While there were many ways we could have approached this process, we wanted to map out a process that was as hassle-free as possible, so much so that even non-technical users could understand. We think we’ve made that happen.

If you have purchased the IgnitionDeck Exclusive skins pack, you will need to download the zip folder to your computer and extract (unzip) the files before proceeding.

Here’s how they install.

Step 1: Create/Purchase the Skin

In this example, we’ll duplicate the ignitiondeck-style.css in the skins folder and rename it to ignitiondeck-example.css.

Step 2: Upload the Skin

Upload ignitiondeck-example.css to the skins folder inside of your IgnitionDeck installation. This is usually located in mydomain.com/wp-content/plugins/ignitiondeck-crowdfunding/skins.

How to Install IgnitionDeck Skins

Step 3: Add the Skin

Login to your WordPress admin and visit the main IgnitionDeck->Deck Builder menu. At the bottom you should see a text field where you can add the name of your new skin. In this case, you’ll simply enter everything after the ignitiondeck- and before the .css. So in our example, we would enter ‘example’ and click the add skin button.

Step 4: Select Skin

You should now see your new example skin in the skin selector drop down menu. Simply select it, update your settings, and it should now be active. When you’re done, or if you want to remove the skin, simply select it from the list to delete, and click delete skin. You can add/remove as many skins as you like.