IgnitionDeck Documentation

Customizing IgnitionDeck

There are a few ways you can customize IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding, including creating your own Stylesheet to make visual changes, making your own Deck Themes from scratch, and even developing your own plugins.

How to customize the look with ignitiondeck-custom.css

First, create a file called ‘ignitiondeck-custom.css’ and place it in the ignitondeck folder (usually wp-content/plugins/ignitiondeck-crowdfunding). In this file, add your desired CSS to edit/alter the look of anything you’d like. This will take precedence over any other Stylesheet loaded with IgnitionDeck. And we don’t release and include a ignitiondeck-custom.css file in our releases, so you won’t have this file overwritten when you upgrade.

How To Install or Create Your Own IgnitionDeck Skins

You can easily create your own Deck Skins (take one of the existing skins and change it however you’d like).  Read more here: How To Install IgnitionDeck Skins

Creating Plugins for IgnitionDeck with the IgnitionDeck API

IgnitionDeck is an extensible WordPress plugin that offers a variety of WordPress hooks and WordPress filters in order to make it easy for 3rd party developers to build and deploy extensions and themes.  Learn More Here