IgnitionDeck Documentation

Publishing Your Project

When you are ready to publish your project, complete all applicable fields and save/publish. Your project is now ready to be added to your website with the IgnitionDeck Shortcodes and Widgets.

Here’s some suggestions for ways to use the shortcodes, and how to manage your projects. Read more about shortcodes as a whole, and how to use them at the IgnitionDeck Shortcodes page.  (Note – no need for shortcodes with using Theme 500)

The ‘Complete’ Shortcode

[ project_page_complete product=”#” ]

This is the simplest, easiest way to get going fast. Paste this shortcode, put the right Project ID #, and you’re off to the races.

This provides the standard ‘Crowdfunding’ layout. All the Goal, Pledge and Level information is housed in what we call ‘the Widget’ on the right hand side. On the left side, you’ve got your Video, social sharing buttons, Long Description, Images, and FAQ and Update dropdowns.

What will it look like? That sort of depends on your theme. Using the Complete shortcode, you won’t be using the Full Deck available under ‘Appearance/Widgets’. And typically, you want control of the page so that you can remove the Sidebar completely, going with a Full Width layout if possible.  It’s appearance of the Deck will depend on the Deck Theme you select.

Recommended setup for Complete shortcode

  • Use this on a WordPress Page, and select a page template that has no sidebar (Typically called ‘Full Width’)
  • Paste the shortcode into your Content Editor (make sure it’s in Visual mode).
  • Insert the correct ID for your Project (you can make sure you get the right one by selecting from the dropdown on the right)
  • Publish your page.
  • You may then make this Page, your Home Page, by going to ‘Settings / Reading’ and selecting this page from the dropdown beside ‘Home’.

The ‘Content’ shortcode only.

[ project_page_content product=”#” ]

Use just the ‘Content’ Shortcode, will spit out everything that the above ‘Complete’ shortcode does, on the left. In other words, this removes the Widget from the equation.

You would use this if you were using the WordPress Widget option, to place the IgntionDeck Deck in your sidebar. This way, you content displays in the Page or Post, and the Widget displays in your website Sidebar.

Getting creative with your Shortcodes

The reason why we have so many shortcodes – and not JUST the Complete and Content shortcodes is because there’s so much creativity in our community, we want to ensure it can be put to good use. Here’s some ideas of our own, and ones we’ve seen other IgnitionDeck users implement.

  • use the 
    Publishing Your Project
     shortcode to mention your project in a blog post, or elsewhere on the website. If you change your project name, for whatever reason, it will change right there too.
  • if you want to mention how many days left on your project elsewhere in your website, use the 0 shortcode. This way it will count down, just like your project page – keeping your content up to date!
  • If you wanted to create some sort of home page ‘ad’ for your Project – you could use the main pieces in a nice clean layout, to display the most pertinent information. For example – just the Project Name, Amount Raised Percentage Bar, and the Days To Go – with a link to your project page.

When getting creative, you’ll obviously need to have abit more knowledge of HTML and CSS. We created these extra shortcodes for those people out there, ready to sink their teeth into truly developing their Crowdfund Project the way they want to.