IgnitionDeck Documentation

Create a Project

To create a project, go to the Projects Menu in WordPress and click it:

This is where IgnitionDeck projects are added and where you can also view and update existing IgnitionDeck projects like adding or updating descriptions, prices, levels, images, and campaign dates.  You may also delete projects from this screen – and just like Pages and Posts in WordPress, your projects are moved to the Trash.  In order to permanently delete a project, you must empty the trash.

Add New Project

To add a new project, simply click the “Add New Project” link, in the menu or to the right of the “Projects’ title above the list of Projects.

You should see a screen come up that is very similar to the default WordPress ‘Add New Post’ screen, with the addition of several IgnitionDeck options defined below.

For now, skip the ‘Content Editor’ and head right for the IgnitionDeck options of your Project.