IgnitionDeck Documentation

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (IDCF)

IgnitionDeck is a crowdfunding plugin suite for WordPress that features the ability to add an unlimited number of crowdfunding, pre-order, or fundraising projects to your WordPress website.

This documentation includes information for the premium version(s) of IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding. If you are using the free, basic version of IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding available here, some of the information in these pages will not be relevant to you.

Getting Started

Install the IgnitionDeck Plugin (Framework) and IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (IDCF).

Before continuing, you must install the freely available IgnitionDeck Framework. Once it is active, use it to validate your IgnitionDeck Registration (or create a free account).  Then, the IgnitionDeck Framework will install IDCF for you automatically. Registering the IgnitionDeck Framework will also install the Theme 500 Framework, which is required  for the free version of IDCF.

If you have not installed, activated, and registered the IgnitionDeck Framework, do so now by following the instructions in the IgnitionDeck Framework Documentation.

Enter your IDCF License Key to activate premium features.

Your license key(s) are located on your IgnitionDeck.com account dashboard.  If you own a product license you will see a key icon next to the product.  Hover over the key to open the tooltip in order to copy the key.  You will need to do this for all licenses you own.

NOTE: You only need a License Key for IDCF if you have purchased one of the premium versions of IgnitionDeck.  The free version of IDCF is running when no license key has been entered.


If you own IgnitionDeck Enterprise, use your IgnitionDeck Enterprise License Key for the IDCF screen, not the IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding License Key.

Get your IDCF License Key (IgnitionDeck Premium and Ignitiondeck + Membership customers), or your IgnitionDeck Enterprise License Key from your IgnitionDeck Dashboard and enter it in your main IDCF settings screen. Detailed instructions are available here.


If you purchased IgnitionDeck + Membership (ID+M) or IgnitionDeck Enterprise (IDE), install, activate, and register IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC). IDC handles the membership and customer registration aspects of  ID+M and IDE sites.  IDC also makes it possible to charge crowdfunding fees to project creators on IDE sites.  For detailed instructions on setting up IDC, refer to the IgnitionDeck Commerce Documentation.

Choose a commerce platform.

Depending on what type of IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding system you are using (Basic, Premium, + Membership, or Enterprise), you will need to select the appropriate commerce platform. Detailed instructions are available here.

Save or re-save your Permalink Settings and set your Timezone.

Important: Once you activate IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding, you will need to go to Settings > Permalinks and click the “Save Changes” button (even if you haven’t changed anything). This is required because IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding creates a new “custom post type” in your WordPress installation called “Projects.”

If possible, it is recommended that you use the ‘Post Name’ permalink style: /%post-name%/

Failing to save or re-save your permalink settings after activating IDCF will usually result in “404 Page Not Found” errors on your website. If you have trouble viewing project pages or your purchase form, it is likely that you need to re-save your permalink settings.

Important: Make sure that you have set your Timezone in Settings > General so crowdfunding campaigns end at the correct time.  Use the “Choose a city in the same timezone as you” method here, not the UTC+/- method, since the UTC method causes problems in some cases.

Update WP 4.6.1: Set the default date format as m/d/y instead of the default F j, Y.  The default setting will result in projects being automatically closed even if the date is valid.

Upgrading Your License

You can upgrade your activated license at any time from the Premium version to IgnitionDeck+Membership or IgnitionDeck Enterprise, or from IgnitionDeck+Membership to IgnitionDeck Enterprise by logging into your IgnitionDeck.com account.  Once viewing your dashboard, click on the IgnitionDeck product you wish to upgrade to and proceed to the checkout.  The upgrade price will be calculated automatically.