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PWYW (Pledge What You Want) in IDC

docs_IDC_PwywLightboxPWYW When Crowdfunding

IgnitionDeck’s PWYW (Pledge What You Want) functionality allows supporters of a project to pay any amount they want at checkout. Levels of project support are set by the project’s creator, and when supporters choose a level of support and continue to the payment screen, they can change the default value to anything they want, as long as it at least meets the level’s set value.

PWYW in IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC)

In IgnitionDeck Commerce, Pledge What You Want is enabled for all Project Levels by default.  Before finalizing their contribution, supporters can change the default payment amount for the level of  support they have selected to any larger value they wish.  This is why when using IDC as your commerce platform, in the project settings screen, there is no PWYW option.  All projects are PWYW and are level-based.

STRIPE USERS: PWYW with Recurring Payments turned on is not possible with Stripe. If a customer changes their payment amount, Stripe will no longer be available as a payment gateway, so you will want to have at least one additional payment gateway activated. This is due to the fact that Stripe handles recurring payments based on a unique “Stripe Plan Name,” which has a set price assigned to it.


PWYW is automatically enabled for projects when using IDC and all projects are level-based.

Be sure to connect your Products and Levels in IDC > Crowdfunding or IDC’s checkout lightbox will not function. If you do have products and levels connected, the Pay Button will be deactivated.  To learn more about connecting products and levels see IDC’s Documentation on Crowdfunding.

PWYW-Only with “no levels”

If you wish to have a PWYW-only campaign, without apparent support levels, the way to do this is to only have one level. Create a single Project Reward Level for your project and leave the Level Price field empty.

Donation-Based Products and PWYW For E-Commerce

You can display a PWYW/Donation-based buy-now button anywhere on your site using IDC’s button shortcode

[ idc_button product="1" thumb="http://image-url.png" text="Buy This!" classes="button classes" id="button-id" ] (without spaces at the beginning and end)

The price will default to the product’s minimum price, but can be changed by the customer to any amount equal or greater to the product’s price. To have no minimum price, set the price to 0 (zero).

The button shortcode works in any page or post and uses the following arguments:

  • product (required) The IDC Product ID
  • text (required) The display text for the button, like “Buy Now”
  • thumb (optional) Controls the image that shows up in the lightbox
  • id (optional) adds html id to the button
  • classes (optional) adds html classes to the button