IgnitionDeck Documentation

Setting Products for Renewal

Products that are assigned a Standard License Type have licenses that expire in one year. You can give supporters the ability to extend a Product License using the IgnitionDeck Commerce Product Renewal Feature.
  1. Navigate to your main IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) settings screen.
  2. Select the product you want to enable renewals for from the Edit Product or Get Shortcode dropdown menu. Make sure your product has a price and, if you wish to use credits, a credit value.
  3. Set the Transaction Type to Order.
  4. Set the License Type to Standard.
  5. Set the number of Licenses per download. If you do not wish to use License Validation, set this to zero.*
  6. Check the Enable Renewals box.
  7. Enter a Renewal Price. This is so you can have a different price for renewal than the initial product purchase price.
  8. Save your settings by clicking the Update button.



*If you choose to use Licensing to control the number of times the product can be used, use the number of Licenses per download field for this. For instance, if the product was a piece of software for a PC, the number of licenses would control how many computers the software can be installed on. Other values that can be used here work like this:

  • -1 = Unlimited use of License
  • 0 = No License is used
  • 1 or more = The number of times the License can be used.