IgnitionDeck Documentation

IDC Products and Payment Types

ID Commerce products work just like any standard membership level would. They control access to content, downloads, and credits, and are purchased individually via ID Commerce checkout.

How to Create ID Commerce Products

1. Visit the ID Commerce settings menu and look for the Product Settings box


2. Type the level name, and price into the input fields. If you have Virtual Currency (credits) enabled on your site, an additional field for Credits will be present below the Product Price field. In the case of credits, the number entered will be the number of credits granted with level purchase.

If you wish to create a free product, enter 0 or leave the price field blank. Decimals are also accepted.

If you wish to create a single PWYW product, you can set a minimum price of $1 in order to capture at least a $1 donation.

To create a pre-order or 100% threshold crowdfunding product, set transaction type to Pre-order.  To create a standard or Immediate crowdfunding product, set transaction type to Order.

For non-subscription products, leave the Licence Type as Standard.  To create a lifetime membership, select Lifetime as the license type.  To create a recurring membership level, select and choose your recurring level from the drop down (Weekly, Monthly, or Annual).  For further settings of recurring memberships, please see the instructions for Managing Subscriptions.

Enabling Multiples allows a supporter to purchase more than one product / reward level including upgrades.

For regular crowdfunding projects that use the default checkout page as set in IDCF > Project Settings, the Create Checkout Page should remain unchecked.

3. Once you’ve entered the appropriate settings, click Create to create your level. A checkout page in draft status will be automatically created, shortcode included. The edit link should appear at the top of the screen, or you can find it via the pages menu.

Product Status (new with v. 1.7.1)

The Product Settings now has a new option for the Product Status.  There are 3 statuses available: Active, Archived, and Disabled.

Active products will be products that are currently in use on live projects and/or projects with pending pre-authorization payments.

Once a project has been completed (closed and any outstanding payments captured), you can set the product to Archived.  This removes the product from the list tidying up your Download settings, and other menus that include products.  This method maintains the history of the product and associated transactions but permits you to clean up the admin menus.

The Disabled product status can be used to temporarily or permanently prevent the purchase of a product from your site.  This may be for a subscription product to your site, a download product, or other content you may offer.  Disabling the product prevents any purchase of the product (i.e. if a user had bookmarked the purchase page for later) once the product has been marked disabled while maintaining the purchase history.  A disabled product can be reactivated by the admin if desired.  Setting a product to disabled also removes the product from the list tidying up your Download settings, and other menus that include products while still maintaining the history of the product and associated transactions.

To view Archived or Disabled products again, click on the Show All link in the Product Settings.  Active products are shown by default.

How to Edit ID Commerce Products

Editing ID Commerce products is super simple. Just select the level from the drop down, change the values you need to change, and click save. You’re done!