IgnitionDeck Documentation

Managing Members

In the members screen for ID Commerce, you can quickly gain an overview of your different member types, send messages to specific groups of customers, and assign members to different product levels.


Viewing and Sorting Members

All current products are listed across the top of the members screen, followed by the number of members currently assigned to that product. Clicking on one of these products will show you an overview of the customers which are currently assigned to it.

In the upper-right corner is the Search Members bar, which allows you to find members based on name or email.

Messaging Members

Clicking “Send Message to Group” will pull up a window for sending an email to everyone in the currently selected group (or to all customers if you have the “All Members” group selected). This email will be sent using the Customer Service Email you have configured in IDC’s general settings. Like other email options, it requires that you have either PHP Mail enabled or are set up with one of the third party email services available in IDC’s CRM settings.

Modifying a Customer’s Profile

By clicking on a customer’s name as listed in the Member view, you can manually edit all of their profile fields. These fields are identical to the information they would access through their IDC Dashboard.


Modifying an Existing Member’s Product Access

Each member listed can be individually edited to allow any configuration of product access. Under the Current Levels column, you’ll see all the product levels they’re presently assigned to (blank if none). Clicking on this section will open the Manage Access Levels screen. Here, you can manually assign or revoke any product by toggling its check-mark and clicking “Save” at the bottom.


Any time you manually assign a customer to a new product level, it will apply any expiration date based on the current date. For instance, if you’re using the Standard product type, which expires after one year, the expiration date will be set to one year from the day you manually assigned the customer to the product.

If you’re using a recurring charge on your product (e.g. monthly fees), the customer will have free access to the product for the first period, after which point they will no longer have access without entering valid payment information.