IgnitionDeck Documentation

Important Notes About Gateways

The following information will help you to test your payment gateway and avoid configuring IgnitionDeck Commerce’s Gateways screen incorrectly.

Offline Purchases:
Enable this to allow customers to complete checkout without entering payment information.

Active Gateways:
Only one credit card gateway (Stripe, FirstData, etc) may be active at one time.

Stripe transactions may be processed in USD, Euros, or British Pounds.

Recurring Payments Work for Stripe and PayPal Only:
To use subscriptions, please enable Stripe or Paypal.

PWYW with Recurring Payments turned on is not possible with¬†Stripe.¬†If a customer changes their payment amount, Stripe will no longer be available as a payment gateway, so you will want to have at least one additional payment gateway activated. This is due to the fact that Stripe handles recurring payments based on a unique “Stripe Plan Name,” which has a set price assigned to it.

100% Threshold / Pre-Order for Stripe and PayPal Adaptive
To use 100% Threshold (IDE) or Pre-Order (IDC), please enable Stripe or PayPal Adaptive (PPA was deprecated in 2017 and is only available to grandfathered accounts).

Stripe Webhook URL:
In order to receive notifications of Stripe subscription payments, you’ll need to create a production webhook URL with the following format:


For more information, please see Stripe’s Documentation on Webhooks.

Dispute Notifications:
In order to properly handle Paypal dispute notifications, you must set your Paypal IPN URL to:


Test Cards:
Stripe Test Cards
Auth.net Test Cards
FirstData Test Cards

Stripe Connect Settings:
Your redirect URL must end in ?ipn_handler=sc_return. For example, http://mydomain.com/?ipn_handler=sc_return