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Accepting Bitcoin with Coinbase

Coinbase is a popular wallet service for Bitcoin.  IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) integrates seamlessly with Coinbase, allowing you to take Bitcoin payments for Crowdfunding Campaigns, E-commerce (for digital goods), content subscriptions (pay-wall), and donations.

NOTE: Before you can integrate your Coinbase account with IDC, you must first complete your Merchant Profile in your Coinbase account.  To do so, log into Coinbase and navigate to Merchants > Profile.

Getting Started with IgnitionDeck Commerce and Coinbase

Create an API Key in your Coinbase account by navigating to Settings > API Access, and clicking on the “New API Key” button.


Give your new API Key access to your wallet, vault, or both and set the API Key’s Permissions to “All” under the Legacy version. For more information on Coinbase API Key Permissions, see Coinbase’s documentation on API Permissions.

Click the “Create” Button.  Coinbase may require you to authenticate this step via your account password, an email, or a text message sent to your phone.


Enable your new API Key.  Your new API Key will be disabled by default.  Click the “Enable” button to enable your new API Key.  Coinbase may require you to authenticate this step via your account password, an email, or a text message sent to your phone.


Retrieve your new API Key code by clicking on the abbreviated version of it in the “Key” column of the API Keys table. Coinbase may require you to authenticate this step via your account password, an email, or a text message sent to your phone.


Your API Key details will now appear.


Copy your API Key and API Secret and paste them into the Coinbase section of IDC’s Gateways screen located at yoursite.com/wp-admin > IDC > Gateways.

Click the Enable Coinbase checkbox.

Click the Save Gateway Settings Button.



About Calculating Bitcoin Exchange Rate at Checkout


Global Currency Setting in IDC > Crowdfunding

IDC has a Global Currency setting in IDC > Crowdfunding which determines what currency is displayed throughout the site and what currency the prices of products/levels are in.  But the Global Currency setting is independent of each payment gateway’s currency in IDC > Gateways.

Since Bitcoin’s value fluxuates so freqently, most IgnitionDeck users will want to set the their products to be valued in a more stable currency like USDs.  Then at checkout, Coinbase will calcualte the amount of Bitcoin that equals the USD amount.  In this scenario, both the Global Currency setting and the Coinbase Currency setting should be set to USD.

Alternately, if you wanted to value your products/levels in Bitcoin, so their value fluxuates with the current Bitcoin exchange rate, you would set both the Global Currency in IDC > Crowdfunding, and Coinbase’s currency in IDC > Gateways  to BTC. This will however cause conflicts with other gateways that don’t understand what BTC is, so it is recommended to only use these settings for a Bitcoin-only payment system.

Once you’ve set up your payment gateway(s), you will probably want to perform some test transactions to make sure everything is working properly. For some tips on testing your payments gateway(s), see our documentation page called Payment Gateway Testing.