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Authorize.Net with IDC

Note: Due to a dependency on the doctrine/annotations framework, Authorize.net requires PHP version 7.1 or greater.

Authorize.Net is a popular payment gateway for accepting credit card payments. IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) integrates seamlessly with Authorize.Net and setup is for this is very easy.

NOTE: IgnitionDeck Enterprise owners cannot charge crowdfunding fees via Authorize.Net. For a comparison of different payment gateways that work with IDC, see our documentation page called Choosing Payment Gateways.

To accept payments with your Authorize.Net account:

  1. Log into your Authorize.Net account.
  2. In your Authorize.Net account, navigate to Account > Settings > Security Settings > API Login ID and Transaction Key.
  3. Copy your API Login ID.
  4. Paste your API Login ID into the Authorize.Net API Login ID field located at yoursite.com/wp-admin > IDC > Gateways.
  5. In your Authorize.Net account, on the same page as before, generate a Transaction Key and copy it.
  6. Paste your Transaction Key into the Authorize.Net Transaction Key field located at yoursite.com/wp-admin > IDC > Gateways.
  7. Check the box to “Enable Authorize.Net”
  8. Click the “Save Gateway Settings” button.docs_Idc_AuthorizeNet
  9. Within your Authorize.net account, turn on CIM (if this is off, you will see an error “Could not create customer token”).
  10. Still within your Authorize.net account, make sure that the Address Verification Service has been turned off.  AVS must not be used or the payment gateway will throw an error (“Could not authorize transaction”).  With AVS turned off, also go to Payment Form > Form Fields and ensure that the address and credit card code fields are not set to required or the payment gateway will throw an error (“Could not authorize transaction”).

Once you’ve set up your payment gateway(s), you will probably want to perform some test transactions to make sure everything is working properly. For some tips on testing your payments gateway(s), see our documentation page called Payment Gateway Testing.

Important Note: Guest Checkout will not work with Authorize.net due to their CIM requirement.