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IDC Member Account Links

How to Add IDC Account Links for Login, Registration, and Create Project to your site
If you are using one of our 500 Framework themes, this process is simpler. See below.

docs_IDEnterprise_IDCLinksAutomatic Method:

If you’re not using one of our 500 Framework themes, you need to add IDC Account Links to your site’s navigation menu.
To do this automatically, use the tool we’ve included in Appearance > Customize > IDC Account Links. (See image to the right)

This will automatically add the IDC Account Links to your navigation menu. Just check the box for any menu you want them added to.

Manual Method:

If you would like to manually add IDC Account Links anywhere on your site, they are as follows:

  • Login/Dashboard. Link to: http://yoursite.com/dashboard/
  • Create Account. Link to: http://yoursite.com/dashboard/?action=register
  • Create Project (for IDE version only). Link to: http://yoursite.com/dashboard/?create_project=1

500 Framework Method:

If you’re using one of our 500 Framework Themes, simply set a custom menu to the ‘Main Menu’ menu location in Appearance > Menus > Menu Locations.  Create Account and Login buttons will be placed on the right of your menu. When a user is logged into your site, the  two buttons are replaced by a single ‘My Account’ button, which goes directly to the Member Dashboard.

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