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Carol Paul

An Overview of “Smooth Release” and Its Important Component? - 2021 Guide
In academic life, students get to do many assignments related to essay writing. Many students find it a tiring task and prefer to hire a write my essay for this purpose. But a press release is a completely different type of writing. Not all students have to write it in their professional life, but all the students are taught how a press release is written. 
A press release is basically a short yet compelling news story.  A press release is usually written by professionals who take care of the public relation on behalf of an organization. It is then sent to some specific media and people related to journalism. 
A press release is written in such a way that it is interesting and grabs the attention of the journalist or a publisher. For a press release, it is very important to have all the information regarding its main topic. It should address all the questions like who is writing it? What is the purpose? When is it being written? How is it being written? and why is it being written?
All these questions help in writing a press release just the way it should be written, like a news story. Remember that a press release is always written in the third person and uses many quotes and information from authentic sources.
All these considerations scare the students and they are unable to muster up the courage to write a press release themself. They prefer to ask someone to “essay writer”. 
Elements of Press Release
The following are some of the main elements of a press release. 
The HeadlineA compelling headline is an important element of a press release. It should be written using some very compelling words to convince and to grab the attention of the targeted media member. 
You should also know that for a naive writer it is not easy to find a good topic. This requires special skills and a lot of practice. 
In this article, we have summed up some amazing topics for you. Go through all these topics thoroughly and choose the one according to your interests.
Traditional compare and contrast essay topics

Qualities of bad teachers and a good essay writing service.
Public educational institute vs private colleges.
Being famous or being wealthy.
The home you currently line in and the house of your dream.
Traditional educational system vs online education system. 
The personality of Barack Obama or Thomas Jefferson. Who was a better president?
The idea of Harry Potter vs The idea of The Lord of the Rings.
Religion or common things of Orthodox and Catholic churches.
Creationism vs Darwinism. Draw a logical conclusion. 

Excellent topics for college students

Compare and contrast the personalities of Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher.
Facebook vs Twitter.
Apple mobile phones vs Samsung mobile phones.
The mindset of Introverts and the mentality of extroverts.
Oxford style or Harvard style.
Real-life relationships or virtual relationships. 
Compare EBooks and textbooks.
Sense and Sensibility vs Pride and Prejudice.
Differences between the beliefs of Christians and write essay for me

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