Via Kickass proxies, maybe the best way to reach the site is. A proxy server is a server which acts as an

intermediary for client requests from other servers looking for resources. External viewers only see that you are

linked to the proxy server while accessing Kickass via the proxy server and do not see that the proxy server is

sending Kickass data to you. Often, Kickass proxies are mistaken for Kickass mirrors. Mirror 1337x is just a clone of

a new domain name and servers on the originating site. On the other hand, the Kickass proxy server is a dedicated

portal that makes it easier to connect both to the original Kickass and also to other websites. In practise, it

doesn't matter whether you use a Kickass mirror or link to Kickass through a proxy server, since they all have almost

the same degree of privacy.

Joined December 12, 2020