Granting Your Wishes. PayPal Adaptive, and More

We’ve been busy over here at IgnitionDeck making our crowdfunding and e-commerce products more powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Today we’re proud to announce the latest round of major improvements to the IgnitionDeck suite. In addition to ironing out a few little wrinkles, we’ve also taken some big steps forward in our ID Social initiative, updated our most popular…

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Introducing Facebook Login Integration With IgnitionDeck Commerce

Charities, artists, and entrepreneurs alike know that these days, having a social media strategy is a crucial component of a successful marketing campaign. That’s why our team is committed to creating better and easier ways for our customers to integrate their IgnitionDeck-powered sites with popular social media services. Facebook has become the de-facto community-building tool for our generation.  This is because practically…

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Sending Transactional Email with Mandrill and Sendgrid

Posted in Features, Membership by Nathan

You probably already send newsletters and autoresponders via a service like Mailchimp, but what are you using to send transactional email? Does your membership plugin or digital delivery system even offer it? If you’re unfamiliar with the term, transactional email is one-time email related to customer actions, such as after registering or purchasing on your site. This also includes lost…

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