Stripe, IgnitionDeck, SCA and What it Means for You!

Posted in Developer, E-commerce by Alex Vasquez

You may have received an email from Stripe talking about Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and you’re wondering what that means for your shop. The SCA requirements of the EU’s Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) take effect 14 Sept 2019, which is coming up soon! If you are running a website that manages payments (ecommerce, donations, etc) or other services in…

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New IgnitionDeck API Items in 1.02

Posted in Developer, Features by Nathan

The IgnitionDeck API is updated with every new release. Here are a list of items added in IgnitionDeck 1.02. Complete IgnitionDeck API Listing Actions id_after_install: Fires after IgnitionDeck is activated upon end of activation script. id_set_defaults: Fires after IgnitionDeck defaults are set upon end of script. Filters id_pay_choices($pay_choices, $project_id): Append or remove pay choice buttons on purchase form. Javascript Variables &…

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