IgnitionDeck Echelon

A complete ecommerce, crowdfunding, and fundraising solution for WordPress. Integrates with all of your favorite tools, including WooCommerce, and is 100% theme independent.
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IgnitionDeck Commerce allows you to break free from the cost and complexity of traditional WordPress e-commerce plugins by giving you more features, more power, and more flexibility than any other product in its class.

Key Features
Link downloads to multiple products
Host downloads on Amazon S3
Product bundles
Advanced crowdfunding
Mailchimp integration
Content protection/paywall
Product discounts
Forums access management
Product expiration
Regional Sales Tax
Recurring Payments
License validation API
Customer credit system
Mixpanel analytics
Customer segment messaging
Product SKUs
Product inventory
Sendgrid integration
Mandrill integration
Additional purchase required

Get Everything for One Price

Free Crowdfunding Plugin

Includes the full version of our IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding plugin, which allows you to easily raise money for a project, charity, or cause.

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Multiple Gateways & Transaction Types

Integrates with all of your favorite payment gateways to enable instant checkout, subscriptions, pre-orders, and dozens of currency options.

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Secure Digital Delivery via Amazon S3

Secure digital delivery via Amazon S3, the most popular content protection service, that keeps your website fast, and ensures download links are not shared.

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Built-In Messaging and Transactional Email

Integrates with Mailchimp, Sendgrid, and Mandrill so that you can easily send newsletters and transactional email. Also includes a group messaging feature for customer segments.

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Credits and Virtual Currency

Reward customers after purchase by issuing credits that they can redeem on future purchases. Or bypass dollars entirely and create your own virtual currency.

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Hassle-Free User Management

Easily view and update a user's profile, order history, access level, or credit value. Also includes a gorgeous front-end display for user self-management.

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Works with Any Theme

IgnitionDeck Commerce integrates seamlessly with any modern WordPress theme, or better yet, use with one of our gorgeous IgnitionDeck-specific themes for
even more power and flexibility.

What Our Customers Say

Philip Rose

"Can’t compliment you enough on your continued development and support. Keep up the fantastic progress."

Jonathan Nelson

"I Love IgnitionDeck! Your customer support ROCKS! :). Thank you!"

Jacqueline Burgoa

"Over the years, I tried different platforms. They all worked up to a point. But, there always was that final step that I just could not bridge...until I came across IgnitionDeck."

Vic Jubber

"Our success today and continued growth is as a result of the relationship that has been forged over time with a team of dedicated, innovative and forward thinking folks at IgnitionDeck."

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