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The IgnitionDeck Fundraising Platform

Here’s How To Start Crowdfunding Today

Unfortunately, IgnitionDeck Plugins and Themes do not work with the hosted service.

IgnitionDeck Valet

Hassle Free IgnitionDeck Setup and Installation

Lend us the keys and we’ll upload, install, and setup IgnitionDeck for you.
We’ll even submit a test transaction! Single Project Sites or a special Valet for Enterprise sites.

Learn More about IgnitionDeck Valet →

IgnitionDeck Themes and Extensions

Purchase Individual Licenses Here, Old Sport

  • Stellar

    Engage with a Bold IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding Theme. Build your own crowdfunding platform with Stellar.

    Works With: 500, IDE, IDM
  • Fundify

    The hugely popular Crowdfunding theme integrates seamlessly with IgnitionDeck!

    Works With: Fundify, IDE, IDM
  • CrowdPress

    Now integrates with IgnitionDeck!

    Works With: Fundify, IDE, IDM
  • GIG Theme

    GIG is a custom solution that makes it incredibly easy for musicians to display band info and raise money for their music projects.

    Works With: ID
  • Shareasale Affiliate Management

    Our Shareasale integration makes it easy for any IgnitionDeck Commerce user to offer commissions on product sales and crowdfunding efforts.

    Works With: IDE, IDM
  • IgnitionDeck Social

    Facebook login and registration for IgnitionDeck Commerce.

    Works With: IDE, IDM
  • Venus

    Built for the makers and creators that we started IgnitionDeck for. Powerful Widgets and Amazing Colors await.

    Works With: 500, ID, IDE, IDM
  • Classic

    Our #1 selling crowdfunding theme for the 500 Framework.

    Works With: 500, ID, IDE, IDM
  • Maximus

    Flat design, robust color options, and a powerful widget section make this our best crowdfunding theme yet.

    Works With: 500, ID, IDE, IDM
  • Mixpanel Analytics
    Mixpanel for IgnitionDeck

    Custom tracking for your crowdfunding campaigns, including metrics for every sale, pre-order, and donation.

    Works With: ID, IDE, IDM
  • Email Receipts

    Send email receipts and notification emails to the customer and any email address of your choosing.

    Works With: ID
  • Stripe Payments

    Accept credit cards via Stripe’s simple javascript API. Includes option to disable Paypal.

    Works With: ID
  • Stretch Goals

    Add and maintain dynamic stretch goals for your crowdfunding project.

    Works With: ID, IDE, IDM
  • Export To Google Drive

    Easily save your orders to Google Drive. Exports a spreadsheet with options to select project and level.

    Works With: ID
  • FAQ & Updates

    Register and list custom FAQ and Update post types to display on your project page.

    Works With: ID, IDE, IDM

How Much Could You Save Using IgnitionDeck?


Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, IgnitionDeck does not charge based on how much money you raise. Pay once, use on as many sites as you wish, and for as many projects as you want. There aren't any applications, and you can keep all of the money you raise, regardless of thresholds.

We're pro-creator, not a middleman.

Here's Some Answers To Your Biggest Questions.

How Many Sites Can I Install IgnitionDeck On?
You can install IgnitionDeck and IgnitionDeck + Membership on as many of your own sites as you wish. IgnitionDeck Enterprise and work for hire projects require one license per site.
How Many Projects Can I Create?
Create as many projects as you want. There are no software or license restrictions to limit the number of projects IgnitionDeck can host.
Do I Get Free Updates?
Yep! Each IgnitionDeck purchase includes a full year of support and updates.
What Payment Types Do You Accept?
Easily pay for IgnitionDeck via Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Paypal.
How Can I upgrade?
To upgrade IgnitionDeck, contact our help desk and we will guide you through the upgrade process.
Do you support all major browsers?
IgnitionDeck supports current versions of all major browsers and one major version previous. We do not guarantee that all visual embellishments will maintain backwards compatibility, and we recommend that you use a browser with HTML5 support.
What versions of Wordpress do you support?
IgnitionDeck requires a minimum of WordPress 3.2+, but we recommend using at least 3.7+. You should also make sure that your website meets the regular WordPress requirements.
Is IgnitionDeck Multisite Compatible?
All IgnitionDeck versions are compatible with standard multisite mode. In addition, IgnitionDeck Enterprise has been built to support network activated mode.
How Do Upgrades and Support Work?
Your purchase grants you access to our support forums, detailed documentation, and product dashboard for one full year after your purchase of IgnitonDeck. Certain products require a license key, which will enable updates via the WordPress admin.
Will I need to renew, and if so, how much will it cost?
You do not need to renew when your Support and Upgrades expire, but we recommend doing so in order to keep your product up to date, as WordPress updates can render a plugin non-functional.
Will IgnitionDeck quit working if I don't renew?
While we cannot guarantee against conflicts caused by other plugins, we do not do anything to disable the plugin after your registration period expires.
Does IgnitionDeck work on hosted websites?
At this time, IgnitionDeck works only on websites using the version of WordPress. This is because is a closed environment, and you are not allowed to install additional plugins or themes.
Does IgnitionDeck work on Joomla, Drupal or other CMS systems?
Not at this time. IgnitionDeck is only compatible with the WordPress CMS.
What is Your Refund Policy?
Because digital products are impossible to return, we do not accept refunds. However, we do allow licensees to sell and/or transfer their license to another party.
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