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Amazon Payments: $49.00
Available Now

Take advantage of the popular Amazon FPS API to process payments and pre-approvals for your IgnitionDeck projects.

Limit: 1 of 1 Taken
iDeal Payments: $39.00

(Reg. $49) A favorite in the Netherlands, iDeal allows you to process bank to bank transfers for IgnitionDeck projects.

Lifetime License
Limit: 7 of 50 Taken
Paymill Payments: $39.00

(Reg. $49) The beauty of Stripe's javascript API without being restricted to the US. Paymill offers payments in more than 100 countries and over a dozen currencies.

Lifetime License
Limit: 0 of 50 Taken Payments: $39.00

(Reg. $49) Tap into the merchant gateway in order to process credit cards through your merchant account.

Lifetime License
Limit: 2 of 50 Taken
ID Membership: $79.00
(Reg. $99) Pre-order the MemberDeck plugin, a revolutionary new membership plugin for WordPress that works on its own, or with IgnitionDeck to support crowdfunding projects and memberships in tandem.

Lifetime License By pre-ordering today, you'll receive the beta as soon as it is released in August, all at a $20 discount.
Limit: 1 of 1 Taken
IgnitionDeck Pro: $299.00
(Reg. $499) The ultimate crowdfunding platform for WordPress featuring everything you need to build your crowdfunding portal. Includes multisite compatibility, front-end submission, membership (via MemberDeck), Stripe Connect integration, First Giving integration, grid shortcodes, category filters, and much more.
Limit: 49 of 49 Taken
ID + Gateway: Early: $99.00

(Reg. $119) IgnitionDeck + a payment gateway of your choice from the list above, at an early adopter rate.

Lifetime License for Gateway
Limit: 2 of 20 Taken
ID + Gateway: $109.00

(Reg. $119) IgnitionDeck + a payment gateway of your choice from the list above.

Lifetime License for Gateway
MD + Gateway: Early: $99.00

(Reg. $119) MemberDeck (ID Membership) + a payment gateway of your choice from the list above, at an early adopter rate.

Lifetime License for Both
Limit: 2 of 2 Taken
MD + Gateway: $109.00

(Reg. $119) MemberDeck (ID Membership) + a payment gateway of your choice from the list above.

Lifetime License for Both
Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for IgnitionDeck Extensions

Choose Your Adventure: IgnitionDeck Edition

We launched IgnitionDeck almost 2 years go. In that time we’ve released dozens of upgrades and extensions for our beloved platform, and still there’s more that our customers and potential customers are asking for. We’re here to say that we’re listening, and we’re ready to deliver what you’ve been asking for.

But there’s so much we’ve been asked to build that we need your help…

The best way for us to determine what to make next is to ask you to vote, not with a click, but with your wallet. Every new feature, payment gateway, and extension requires that we put another one off, so we’re asking you to help us decide which one to build first.

A Preview of What is to Come

Each level listed is a feature that has received a significant amount of requests, either via our feature request forum or email. And since we plan on building everything on this list, in due time, we’re asking you to show your support by pre-ordering the extension/s of your choice.

If you see it on this list, it will be built eventually, but this is where it gets fun. Most of them have a limit of 50 pre-orders, which is the amount we need to build them. The first one to hit 50 pre-orders gets built first, the second, second. You get the idea.

Since we’re asking for a show of faith from you, we’re going to return it by offering a lifetime license to any product or extension you help fund. Better yet, you’re getting this license at a fantastic discount, and in some cases, an insane discount!

We’re opening this to IgnitionDeck supporters and owners first in order to ensure that you get the best deal. But after each limit is reached, we’ll be raising prices to ensure that your deal is a deal. So get in as soon as you can.

Lastly, we’re also offering private sales, so if you’re interested in buying out a level completely, let us know (hello at virtuousgiant dot com) and we’ll arrange it. The same goes for buying on behalf of a company or affiliate. We’d love to discuss partnerships.

Read More About IgnitionDeck Enterprise here



About IgnitionDeck Membership

Many of you have already seen it in action and just don’t know it. What we call IgnitionDeck Membership is actually MemberDeck, the plugin that we built to host IgnitionDeck downloads. You see it every time you visit the IgnitionDeck dashboard. In fact, it IS the IgnitionDeck dashboard. Additionally, every payment processed on this site is created through this membership software.

MemberDeck is 99% complete, but we need your help with the final 1%. If you pre-order it solo or as part of a bundle, you’ll get to test the pre-release version, which means you’ll see it before anyone else.

MemberDeck + Crowdfunding

What you’re seeing on this page is a first of its kind. It’s the epitome of what we’ve been working on for the past two years. MemberDeck includes IgnitionDeck support, and when enabled, automatically converts crowdfunding projects into membership projects.

So many of you have asked for an upgrade to the deck wherein clicking on the levels automatically takes you to the purchase page. Guess what? MemberDeck does that automatically.

There’s so much more we want to tell you, and we will, but know that if you pre-order MemberDeck today you’ll be on the road to pure membership delight.

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